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一年一度 Classics for Kids 聖誕音樂會又嚟啦!


優惠期至 10 月 29 日


每年聖誕,香港愛樂團都會舉辦 Classics For Kids 互動音樂會,與小朋友分享音樂,大跳 Waltz,齊唱聖誕歌!今年更有阿妹與三個趣怪朋友 Do Re Mi,與觀眾大玩互動遊戲,齊用眼睛、耳朵、嘴巴、鼻子及身體觸覺去經歷這次夢幻歷奇,一起創作屬於我們的糖果狂想曲!


第十六屆 Classics for Kids 聖誕互動音樂會


日期: 2017年12月 3 及 10 日 (星期日) 時間: 2:15pm / 5:00pm 地點: 香港演藝學院 賽馬會演藝劇院 年齡限制: 無,適合任何年齡人士欣賞

Early Bird discount tickets on sale!

Discount ends on 29 Oct!

FULL! Tickets available at HK Ticketing on 28/10!

Every year in Christmas time,the SAR Philharmonic Orchestra will hold the Classics for Kids Christmas Concert to share the joy of music to kids and families. We would do waltz around the orchestra, and sing the Christmas carols together! This year, Ah Mui and her 3 funny friends - Do Re Mi, will play interactive games with the audience. With the use of eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and body, we would dive into the world of fantasy, and create our own Candy House Rhapsody together!

The SAR Philharmonic Orchestra presents:

The 16th Classics for Kids Christmas Concert

Candy House Rhapsody

Date: 3 & 10.Dec.2017 (Sunday) Time: 2:15pm / 5:00pm Venue: The HK Academy for Performing Arts HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre Age limit: None, suitable for all ages

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